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An excellent show from Apple TV Plus.

In my review for Apple TV Plus, I noted how the amount of movies and shows in their content library was pretty underwhelming. Apple has opted for a strategy of quality over quantity and the crown jewel of the streaming service right now is none other than The Morning Show.

Rest assured, this show deserves that status as it is a well-scripted and thoughtful analysis of a timely subject featuring transcendent performances from its lead actors Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carrell.

A Workplace Drama That Goes Deep

The show takes place behind the scenes of a morning news program, sort of like Good Morning America but with an emphasis on hard news. Aniston and Carrell's characters (Alex and Mitch) were once the lead anchors of the show, but Mitch left after accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior.

The Morning Show review

The show deals heavily with the complexities of the #MeToo era, including the toll that it plays on coworkers who once admired a man that is now accused of abusive actions. While at first it seems like an odd choice to focus on Mitch and even appears like an attempt to rehab the image of men like Matt Laurer, as the season progresses it becomes clear that the show has no problem keeping powerful men in check.

Where the show succeeds most is in its portrayal of powerful women. Witherspoon's character, Bradley, is thrust into the spotlight after being picked as Mitch's replacement for an all-female lead anchor team at The Morning Show. Both actresses give sensational performances. Aniston in particular shows how we've all been missing out on her talents as a dramatic actress.

Final Thoughts

The Morning Show offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of morning “breakfast news” programs. It highlights how even a sunny set with cheery anchors can't escape the harsh realities of abusive workplaces, and provides powerful commentary on the barriers women continue to face.

Season two is expected to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, and I'm hoping it treats the subject with the same nuances it did for its first season. I, for one, will be tuning in and I hope this show is here to stay.

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