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“Silo” Finale Review: The Show Has Become Something Great

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Where to stream it? Apple TV+ 

Starring: Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Common, Tim Robbins, Harriet Walter, Avi Nash, Rick Gomez, and Chinaza Uche

Written by: Fred Golan

Directed by: Adam Bernstein

Created by: Graham Yost

Intro: Silo Finale Review

Almost two months ago, I did a review of my first impression of Silo. It’s one of Apple TV+’s most successful shows to date. I thought that the show was good, but that having a main character with very little likability might stifle its success down the line.

Luckily, this wasn’t the case. Every week I found my excitement growing more and more, as I waited for each episode to drop. The show continued to get better from episode 5 and onwards.

The Turning Point

Episode 5, which is titled “The Janitor’s Boy,” is what revived my hope in this series. It was thrilling, and we received more intel on some of the characters who were initially hard to connect with. After episode 5 aired, the show only got better from there. 

Episodes 6 and 7 created a turning point for Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson). Ferguson’s portrayal of Juliette becomes much more believable, and her character is given the redemption arc she deserves. Juliette drops most of her angst in exchange for earnest emotion.

Episode 8 and 9 had me on the edge of my seat. The writers, directors, and editors did such a great job with the pacing for these two episodes. They were able to inject all of Juliette’s anxiety, curiosity, and fear into the viewer. Never did I think I would be rooting so hard for Juliette to outsmart and outrun her adversaries.

The Final Episode

I didn’t know what to expect from “Outside,” the season finale. I didn’t know how much would be revealed, or how Juliette could possibly escape the inevitable fatality headed her way.

But this episode did not disappoint. It didn’t feature as much action as in the previous two episodes, but it was still thrilling. The whole time I was asking myself the question, “How on earth does Juliette make it out of this alive?”

And then it hit me. The answer was always there, wonderfully woven into the script throughout the entire season. It was a fantastic ending to what I believe is one of the best shows on Apple TV+.

Final Thoughts: Silo review

Silo had potential to become something great…and it did. 

Looking back, I believe the switch in main characters caused the show to fluctuate in quality in the beginning. Once your viewers feel connected to your main characters, it can take a bit of time for them to make a similar connection to new characters in such a short amount of time.

Even though the main character switch was super creative, it is a challenging feat to pull off. It happened to work out in the end though. 

I wonder if they’re going to do the same thing next season. To keep things interesting and realistic to some extent. Or if the talented Rebecca Ferguson will continue to be our main character for season 2. Either way, I can’t wait to see how the rest of this story unfolds!

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