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“Silo” Eps 1-5 Review: Sci-Fi Thriller Offers Intrigue, Mixed Results

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Where to stream it? Apple TV+ 

Starring: Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Common, Tim Robbins, Harriet Walter, Avi Nash, Rick Gomez, and Chinaza Uche

Written by: Graham Yost, Jessica Blaire, Cassie Pappas, Ingrid Escajeda, Remi Aubuchon, Aric Avelino, Jeffery Wang, Lekethia Dalcoe, and Fred Golan

Directed by: Morten Tyldum, David Semel, Bert & Bertie

Created by: Graham Yost

Intro: Silo Review

Editor's note: This review covers episodes 1-5. For a review of the finale and Kayla's final thoughts on the season, go here.

As a HUGE fan of sci-fi and dystopian shows, I knew as soon as I saw the commercial that Silo would be added to my watchlist. So I sat down and watched the first four episodes, which were the only ones out at the time. And after a week of deliberation, I have both good news and I have bad news about the new Apple TV+ show.

What is Silo?

Silo, a show based on the book Wool by Hugh Howey, is a dystopian thriller set over 100 years in the future. The premise is that entire generations have been bred and sheltered inside of an 144 story silo, due to the “outside” being uninhabitable. 

The show starts off quite well, with the main focus being on a couple named Holtson and Allison, played by David Oyelowo and Rashida Jones. The Silo is said to protect the people inside of it from the evils that lurk outside. But eventually, while watching their story, we realize that not everything is as it seems inside the Silo.

Good News

Silo is a good show with its first two episodes its strongest. It is a combination of every sci-fi, dystopian piece of media you’ve seen before– and that’s not a bad thing.

Each episode keeps you wanting to know more. David Oyelowo gives a great acting performance that carries much of the show. His character, though incredibly blind to his wife’s irrefutable claims, is actually quite likable. 

Will Patton and Geraldine James also give riveting performances that help bring life to the show. Their characters Sam and Ruth are two of the most well developed characters so far. 

The set design and costume design are as phenomenal as they are purposeful. The set design brings such detailed realism to the show’s environment, making the whole they-live-in-a-silo-thing feel possible. 

Bad News

The show takes a bit of a decline around episode three when the main focus shifts towards Juliette, played by Rebecca Fegurson. Fegurson doesn’t give the most believable performance for this character. Not only does she consistently slip in and out of her actual Swedish accent, but her portrayal of Juliette lacks a bit of depth.

Juliette is overwhelmingly angsty and overall unlikable as a main character. She also has an insane amount of plot armor, and is often portrayed as the nonchalant underdog that we’re supposed to be rooting for. 

The quality of the show’s writing tends to fluctuate throughout the third and fourth episode. But luckily, I decided to give the show one more chance by watching the fifth episode once it was released. 

The fifth episode ended up reviving the hope I had for this show. It was written by Graham Yost, the same person who wrote the pilot. It was still a bit slow in pacing, and some of the conversations felt overdrawn, but nonetheless, it exceeded my expectations. 

It was thrilling, well written, and well structured. I found myself rooting for Julitte this episode, giving her character a bit of redemption. It even gave Common his time to shine, as his character Robert Sims was given more depth through a well delivered monologue.

Final Thoughts: Silo Review

Silo has potential to be something great. Just not yet. But from the five episodes screened for this review, the show is still good enough to see all the way through. The plot is entrancing, and hopefully it will unravel into something worthwhile.

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