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6 Kwanzaa Movies and TV Specials Available to Stream

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Kwanzaa is an annual celebration of Black culture that lasts from December 26th to January 1st. Movies and TV specials about Kwanzaa are few and far between, but the number is growing.

This year, for example, Hallmark debuted its first movie featuring Kwanzaa. Here we’ve compiled a list of movies and TV specials about Kwanzaa and where you can find them on streaming services.

Holiday Heritage (2022)

What's it about? Ella goes back home to try and rebuild her broken relationships with her family. With assistance from her former boyfriend, she encourages her relatives to observe both Christmas and Kwanzaa so that they can mend fences before it's too late.

Where to stream it? Peacock or other streaming services that include Hallmark Channel (find out all the ways to stream Hallmark here)

The Black Candle (2008)

What's it about? Kwanzaa, which was created in the 1960s during the Black Power Movement, is honored by Maya Angelou as a symbol of African-American success, culture, and collective spirit in this documentary.

Where to stream it? Tubi, The Roku Channel, Prime Video, and Peacock

The Proud Family, “Seven Days of Kwanzaa” (2001)

What's it about? The Proud Family learns an important lesson about the true meaning of Kwanzaa from a homeless family in this episode of the animated Disney Channel show.

Where to stream it? Disney+

Harambee! (1996)

What's it about? A recovering drug user who now helps other addicts in a Brooklyn housing project find sobriety inspires others to put the values of the holiday into practice in order to fight against violence in the community.

Where to stream it? This 56-minute film aired on some PBS stations in the 90s. An unofficial upload of the movie is available to watch on YouTube. You can also read a piece on the film from the Los Angeles Times here.

Rugrats, “A Rugrats Kwanzaa” (2001)

What's it about? Young Susie Carmichael is visited by her Great Aunt T, who helps Susie and her friends learn about Kwanzaa. This episode was nominated for an NAACP Image Award.

Where to stream it? Paramount+

Everybody Hates Chris, “Everybody Hates Kwanzaa” (2007)

What's it about? Chris’ father Julius decides to celebrate Kwanzaa instead of Christmas because it’s less expensive in this episode of the sitcom based on the life of Chris Rock.

Where to stream it? Tubi, Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, Crackle, Hulu, Paramount+, and Peacock

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