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Netflix Just Made it Easier to Remove People from Your Account

Is there an ex-dating partner that still uses your Netflix account? Now it’s easier than ever to remove them, and even be a little passive-aggressive about it.

Starting today Netflix is rolling out a feature called “Profile Transfer.” This feature allows you to select a profile on your Netflix account and set it up to transfer to its own, separate account.

Doing so will keep the settings, recommendations, viewing history, movies and shows saved to “My List,” and saved games. So it’s sort of like they never left Netflix- only now the transferred user will have to pay for their own account. 

Netflix will roll this out to all members starting today, and you'll be notified by email when the option becomes available.

GIF from demonstrates how to use “Profile Transfer.”

This comes ahead of an expected crackdown on password sharing. Technically, it’s against the terms and conditions to share your Netflix account with those outside of your household, but millions still do it. Netflix has been testing out a feature that makes non-household members start their own account or pay an extra $2.99/mo. to “add a household” in certain international markets.

It seems like Netflix is hoping to ease the burden of this change by getting disgruntled exes to do some of the heavy lifting first. 

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Matt Davis
Matt Davis
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