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The wait is almost over! But where to watch the Halo series? Read on to find out.

Based on the popular video game series first launched on Xbox in 2001, the new Halo TV series has been eagerly anticipated by fans. The project went through a series of potential distributors and directors ever since 2013 when Steven Spielberg was originally attached to produce.

Fast forward to today and Halo is still Executive Produced by Spielberg, but with British director Otto Bathurst directing and producing. Steven Kane and Kyle Killen developed the series.

The show will premiere on March 24th with a budget over $200 million. Pablo Schreiber from “American Gods” stars as Master Chief with Natascha McElhone (“Californication”) as Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey. Jen Taylor provides the voice of Cortana, reprising her role from the video game series.

Where to watch the Halo series? The show will be a Paramount+ exclusive. To watch Halo, you will need a Paramount+ membership. You can sign up for Paramount+ here and try it out for one week free.

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