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“Rabbit Hole” Episode 6 Review: A Good Old-Fashioned Heist

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By Chad Shreeves

Weir and company get themselves into a good old-fashioned heist episode this week, as the pieces all move into place for what is sure to be a climactic finale in the last couple episodes. While it isn’t the best episode of the season, if this is the low point, then we’re in for one exciting conclusion. 

After last week’s explosive episode, “The Playbook” finds Weir, Hailey, Homm and Ben recovering all while Weir grapples with both the loss of his crew and the distrust he has toward his father. With the revelation also of Crowley’s proxy candidate from last week, the crew stages a high stakes heist inside of an ultra secure deposit vault to expose Crowley’s plan once and for all. Also, the Secure Data Act which has been kind of a side story throughout this series so far finally comes into the spotlight and proves why it has been featured as much as it has so far. 

As far as the planning and heist portion go, that really becomes the best part of the episode. In traditional heist subgenre fashion, it’s filled with a ton of setup and explanation that is fun to see and interesting.  None of the characters seem to be developed any further, aside from some minor changes to the Weir/Hailey dynamic. 

This episode seems to be more about moving the chess pieces into place for the finale, which is a common series trope and in that regards, it works. But at the same time, to be this close to the end and slow the series, which has been brilliantly paced so far, to a crawl does feel an odd place to dump a ton of exposition. 

Typical for this series so far as well, this episode ends on a cliffhanger that does create a ton of new questions and really ramps up the game as we move into the endgame. The final 5 minutes are just a series of shocking twists and turns that really does kind of make up for the slower pace of the episode before it. The ending really did leave me at the edge of my seat just wishing for the next episode to come out immediately. 

Overall, the slower pace and the lack of new character development does seem to hamper it, but the exciting heist moments and the ending moments keep the trademark shock value of this series while also setting up some very exciting possibilities for the finale. This show has been excellent so far so I am very excited to see how they’re going to wrap up this season and possibly set up for the future.

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