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Disney brings us yet another reboot of a classic franchise.

Upon watching the new Disney Plus comedy-drama series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, I realized just how little I remembered about the classic 90's sports film upon which it is based. Perhaps its because I'm not much of a hockey person but the plot of the movie just didn't stick in my head even though I'm pretty sure I watched it at some point.

Needless to say, I was going into the show fresh and with an open mind. The pilot episode was about a twelve-year-old boy, Evan Marrow, who was kicked out of his junior hockey team after the coach felt he wasn't talented enough to play. Upset by the situation, his mother (played by Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham) confronts the coach in front of onlooker's at hockey practice, which other kids record and post on the internet.

Evan is bullied by his classmates and Graham's character is shaded and shunned by fellow hockey moms. It is then that his mother decides to start their own hockey team. They scramble to find other players to round out the team before the deadline to join their local hockey league.

This series has a focus on both adult and child characters, making it accessible to a broad range of age groups that could potentially enjoy the series. Fans of the original movie will be pleased that Emilio Estevez is back as Gordon Bombay, who is now a somewhat washed-up owner of a hockey rink (I can only assume the series will explore this in more depth as time goes on).

The dialogue in the series has funny quips every now and then, and Lauren Graham seems well suited for this sort of casual-funny tone. At the risk of being that jerk who critiques a bunch of kids, the child actor's performances have varying degrees of mileage. There are moments where their line delivery makes the show's quality come across as more Disney Channel, less ABC.

One notable feature of the hockey team this time around, which I'm guessing is a change from before, is that the team is co-ed and racially diverse. This is 2021 after all.

The first episode of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers was a pleasant, family-friendly show that hit most, but not all, of the right notes you'd expect from a sports drama. Missing were the moments of inspiration and triumph but I'm guessing those will come later in the season.

It isn't quite a must-see, but it does help round out a still-sparse library of original shows on Disney Plus.

Where to watch: Disney Plus

Best for: Families with kids in upper elementary school, people nostalgic for the original movies, hockey moms

Shall I stream it? Go ahead, but only if there's nothing better to watch

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