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Twice the contestants! Twice the social distancing!

After several successful seasons on Netflix, Nailed It! is back with an all-new twist: this time contestants compete in teams of two. That means you see the typical dynamic duo mashups from other reality shows- mother and daughter, best friends, college buddies, couples in need of marital counseling, and the like. One episode featured a memorable team of drag performers, dressed in full glam throughout their baking challenge.

This show has demonstrated amazing staying power on a streaming platform that typically sees its shows fizzle out after a season or two. Sometimes, however, a change is needed to keep things fresh and the added element of seeing the teams bicker amongst each other adds an extra layer of humor.

Nailed It!: Double Trouble Netflix Review
Pictures Courtesy Nailed It!: Double Trouble/Netflix

One seemingly unfair element of this show is that the prize amount of $10,000 has not been doubled, so I suppose this means contestants must decide how they are going to split their winnings after taxes. Being that Netflix is worth billions of dollars, I feel as if they could splurge on that extra 10k an episode.

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Like all shows filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are social distancing measures in place this season. The studio has expanded so that the kitchens are spaced apart and the judges sit six feet away from each other behind a noticeably larger desk. Oddly enough, these social distancing measures are never directly mentioned or even joked about. But I guess not talking about the pandemic adds to the escapism of watching a pleasant show about cake.

Overall, this season of Nailed It! is the same show you know and love, but with some added elements that help keep things interesting. Kids and adults alike should enjoy this goofy, binge-worthy baking competition.

Where to watch: Netflix

Best for: Fans of baking shows, hungry people, wannabe Cake Bosses

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