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“Dead Ringers” Review: Weisz Delivers Career-Best Performance

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By Ricky Valero

Where to stream it? Prime Video (premieres Friday, April 21)

Starring: Rachel Weisz, Emily Meade, Jennifer Ehle, Poppy Liu, Britne Oldford

Written by:  Alice Birch (101, 106), Ming Peiffer (102), Rachel De-Lahay (103), Susan Soon He Stanton (105), Miriam Battye (104)

Directed by:  Sean Durkin (101,102, 106), Karena Evans (103), Lauren Wolkstein (104, 106), Karyn Kusama (105)

Intro: Dead Ringers Season One Review

Dead Ringers is a modern take on the 1988 David Cronenberg film of the same name. The limited series stars Rachel Weisz in the dual roles of Elliot and Beverly Mantle, twins that share everything. From the moment we meet the Mantle Twins, you get an idea of the twisted, dark, and wild ride we are in for.

This isn't going to be one of those shows you watch in the background, as every piece of the story is something vital to the overall story. The writing team has this grand attention to detail within each element of the script that leaves you second-guessing yourself and wondering if you are dotting your I's and crossing your T's.

I also loved that the message behind this madness is rooted in something that should be on the forefront of everyone's mind: women's healthcare.

Weisz has never been better.

Rachel Weisz is an Academy Award-winning actress with monumental roles in her filmography. However, Weisz playing the Mantle Twins is hands down her best performance to date.

It's a role that you've never seen out of Weisz, which makes it special. She is deeply rooted in the role of the Twins, that is ruthless, cutthroat, and conniving, and something that commands your attention throughout each episode. It's such a demanding versatile role that very few actresses could pull off, and Weisz did it with ease.

I know the limited series Best Actress category at the Emmys will be stacked, but Weisz should hear her name called on nomination day.

A tad bit confusing for the viewer.

I try to watch movies and shows from two perspectives. First, from the standpoint of whether or not the script worked, the acting worked, and the execution of everything in between. The second is trying to figure out whether or not the casual viewer will enjoy the show from their standpoint.

Because of the twisted story that forces you to pay attention, I think the investment needed in the show will turn off some more casual viewers.

Prime Video is a streaming platform to watch out for.

Prime Video is having one heck of a year with its new series in 2023. They are building a solid library with The Consultant, Daisy Jones & The Six, Swarm, and now Dead Ringers.

Because of that, they are inching their way up my personal rankings of streaming platforms that I focus my attention on when they release a new series.

Final Thoughts: Dead Ringers Season One Review

Overall, Dead Ringers is an easy recommendation for me with the above-mentioned hesitations. If you are willing to follow this incredible cast and crew on this absolutely twisted ride with something vital to say, you are in for a treat.

Plus, you witness one of the best dual performances ever graced in a TV show with Rachel Weisz. I really loved this show.

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