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Earth Day Movies: 10 Must-Watch Nature Docs

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By Jaime Blanson

Intro: Earth Day Movies

Earth Day is a holiday best celebrated by kicking back at home and letting nature do its thing. It’s the greatest present possible, besides sunlight or rain. Obviously, we can't gift natural elements, but we can give nature some space. So, if you’re in the mood for celebrating from your living room, I've got you covered with a list of ten Earth Day movies sure to keep you entertained.


What's it about? Upon its release in 2013, Blackfish was one of the most gripping nature documentaries on Netflix, focusing mostly on Tilikum, an orca who was held captive and caused the deaths of three people, including two trainers. Its massive impact on how people think about orcas in captivity cannot be understated, and even now, ten years later, its effects on how orcas are treated are still evident.

Where to stream it? Prime Video

Eco-terrorist: Battle for our Planet

What’s it about? If you love watching Animal Planet's Whale Wars, you'll get a kick out of this documentary featuring Captain Paul Watson and his daring team of whale defenders. But beyond the excitement the film questions the use of extreme tactics by environmental activists in the fight against climate change. Are the tactics even working, and are they okay?

Where to stream it? Peacock

I Am Greta

What’s it about? Looking for an Earth Day movie that will motivate you?  I Am Greta is the one to watch. This movie follows the ultimate MVP of environmental activism, Greta Thunberg. Her passion and dedication for fighting climate change at such a young age will make you feel like a total slacker for only caring about candy and cartoons as a kid.

Where to stream it? Hulu

Elephant Whisperers

What is it about? One of the most heartwarming nature docs out there, it brings to life the incredible relationships between humans and elephants, and the struggles faced by those trying to protect these gentle giants. Be warned: this movie may make you want to adopt a pet elephant, but let's stick to cute YouTube videos for now!

Where to stream it? Netflix

My Octopus Teacher

What’s it about? This film shows that valuable life lessons can come from the most unlikely of places even from an octopus in the kelp forests of South Africa. In the 2020 documentary, filmmaker Craig Foster chronicles his year-long relationship with his new eight-legged bestie. Along the way, his mollusk BFF teaches him about trust, friendship, and the beauty of nature. Also, the underwater footage is amazing!

Where to stream it? Netflix

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

What’s it about? Here’s a powerful nature documentary on Netflix focuses on the GOAT of nature documentaries himself, Sir David Attenborough. Released in 2020, the film chronicles his life and career while also offering a touching reflection on how he's seen the world change over time. And Attenborough drops some serious knowledge on how we can save the planet.

Where to stream it? Netflix


What’s it about? A jaw-dropping documentary that spills the tea on the fishing industry's shady practices. Released in 2021, it does a brilliant job of exposing the damage of overfishing, plastic waste, and industrial fishing on our oceans and marine life. This doc definitely takes you on a wild ride through the seas!

Where to stream it? Netflix

Polar Bear

What’s it about? Narrated by Catherine Keener, this Disneynature documentary is a delightful mix of stunning visuals and adorable polar bear cubs. But as we follow one bear's journey from youth to motherhood, we also confront the harsh reality of the melting Arctic. It’s a heartwarming film, but also a compelling call to action to protect these furry creatures and their habitat.

Where to stream it? Disney+


What’s it about? Directed by Brett Morgen, this doc is an adventure through the life and career of Jane Goodall, iconic primatologist, and conservationist. Released in 2017, the film uses never-before-seen footage to offer an intimate portrait of Goodall's groundbreaking work with chimpanzees. This film is a must-watch for animal-lovers everywhere.

Where to stream it? Disney+

Fire of Love

What’s it about? The Oscar-nominated documentary shines a spotlight on the story of Katia and Maurice Kraft, a daring French duo who tracked volcanic eruptions across the globe. The film delves into their fiery passion for each other and volcanoes. With Searchlight Pictures securing the rights to a narrative adaptation, we can anticipate this sizzling love story to keep heating up screens.

Where to stream it? Disney+

Final Thoughts: Earth Day Movies

Do you have any suggestions for our Earth Day movies list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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