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Interview: Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski on ‘Wedding Talk”

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We recently chatted with Olympic Gold medalist Tara Lipinski about the new show she co-hosts on Chicken Soup for the Soul’s streaming service, Wedding Talk. 

Chicken Soup for the Soul is the streaming platform from the same company behind the beloved book series of the same name. They present feel-good content that you can watch completely free through their website and app.

All episodes of Wedding Talk are now streaming on Chicken Soup for the Soul, with the first five also streaming for free on Crackle.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Matt Davis: I've had the privilege of watching several episodes of Wedding Talk. I think it's a great show. Tell the people [reading] today who maybe aren't as familiar- in your own words what is Wedding Talk all about?

Tara Lipinski: Well, it's a great show because I feel like there really hasn't been anything quite like it in the wedding space. It covers every single different aspect you can think of of “wedding” in the show. And so whether you are a couple planning to get married or you're just like me who is married and loves event planning or loves love… the show is for you just because there is every different type of wedding you can think of.

We take you on every adventure, big and small. We’ll take you on isolated weddings where people are getting married and there's a volcano erupting behind them with a wedding party of four people. Or we'll take you to the luxurious, outrageous weddings and then we'll also do a simple, backyard wedding. And each episode is themed out where we really concentrate on one one type of wedding and then we dive in and we get to meet the couples. And that's my favorite part- to get to know their love story, their background, and then why they choose that wedding and how they make it so personalized and special to their own love story.

MD: I mean some of these weddings are incredible- I saw the episode with the volcano wedding and I was thinking to myself if I got an invitation to a wedding at a volcano how would I RSVP?You know, I might have to think about that one! 

TL: Right, yeah, I know! I would be like, is it safe? Are we sure it's okay? Like we're gonna step on the lava? What happens?!

MD: So you've had a really incredible career, not just as a figure skater, but also as a television presenter. You've covered the Olympics, you've hosted cooking competition series, so what drew you to this project about weddings?

TL: It just felt like a really great match just because I love love. I'm a hopeless romantic. I loved planning my own wedding. I had the “wedding blues” when it was over and wish I could have just done it over and over again. So I get to re-live that through all of these couples on the show.

…hosting is my job that I feel really lucky and privileged when I get to work with a crew with a cast… like like I do with Wedding Talk, just because it's family. It feels so great to be able to host something that's just heartwarming and feel-good. And then I get to do it with José Rolón and Jove Meyer (who are our wedding planners) and they give us all the tips, all the tricks, all the trends that we should be looking for. So it's informational, it's heartwarming, and it's just a really fun show to be part of.

MD: Yeah, it's definitely a show you need the tissues for because there are a lot of heartwarming stories in it.

TL: I know I had a Kleenex box right next to me, just crying those happy tears!

MD: Watching all these different wedding videos from across the world what are some that really stood out to you? And some takeaways that you had observing these different weddings?

TL: It's funny, like I said, I planned my wedding a long time ago… I'd come home to my husband after filming and I'd be like, “why didn't we do this?” And I have this notebook now of ideas that if we do a vow renewal or plan an event that we have to to add these.

But I think what I take away from these weddings like I said is just a couple's story… I think that's what I really love about the show is it's not just a traditional type of wedding that we take you to and we see it over and over again. We really go across the board to try to tap into every different style every different type of wedding on any type of budget and then it's really the love story that makes it so special.

And I think also what would surprise me about this show is when you think “wedding videos,” you think oh, like your uncle in the back row filming the wedding. I stopped calling it “videos.” It's “films” because it is cinematic. It is so thoughtful and creative and it really shows the couple their personalized story that will last a lifetime… I think that that's what struck me when we started filming the show is just these wedding films are outrageous it feels like you're watching a movie.

MD: Definitely it works as that escapism just as much as it works as a thing with tips and advice for a wedding. So really I think a lot of people can watch it and enjoy it.

TL: I agree it's been a special show to be a part of and it's light-hearted, it's fun. José and Jove are the best co-hosts. They are hilarious and we have so much fun together on set. So it's one of those things that when you sit down and you host something, and I've done that many times, you just realize, wow, this is working, this feels great, and it feels like the content that we're producing is meaningful. So for me you that's all I could ask for.

MD: So for people that are watching that are maybe planning a wedding, like my niece who's getting married in a few months, what do you think is the secret ingredient that creates a memorable wedding not just for the couple but for the friends and family that are coming to the ceremony as well?

TL: I think the big takeaway is it's so personalized to who you are and to your story and what you want to sort of portray and to let your family and friends in on on that special day. So I feel like that's what I love about the show is that you really can't go wrong. And it proves it over and over again every time that you're watching one of these episodes that these small little inside jokes or these small moments that are so unique to your story, your love story, that's what people love to watch.

That's why when people ask me what's my favorite part of a wedding, I love a party but it's usually the vows. Or it's that special moment between the couple that, you know, you just get to escape life and realize we're all on this big planet together just doing the best we can. But love is that magic that keeps it all going

Watch the full interview below!

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