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Can you believe there’s a streaming service for dogs?! Your dog might not watch Bridgerton, but there's content made especially for them. This DOGTV review will break down the cost of DOGTV, the science behind it, and if DOGTV is really worth it. Plus, how to try it out for free!

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What is DOGTV and Does DOGTV Work?- DOGTV Review

Explainer video from the DOGTV YouTube channel

DOGTV is a streaming service and cable outlet that was first founded in 2012. Their videos are scientifically-designed to help dogs deal with stress throughout the day. They can also help your dog grow accustomed to noises like doorbells and car rides.

Research for DOGTV draws inspiration from more than sixty scientific studies. These studies occurred in leading institutions like the University of Oxford. The company has an advisory board that includes a dog psychologist and pet behavior experts. 

Playing DOGTV in the background while you are away from home can help your dog deal with separation anxiety and boredom. They recommend that you watch together with your dog the first few times. Then once your dog has adjusted, leave it going while your dog plays and relaxes.

What's on DOGTV?- DOGTV Review

A DOGTV account will give you access to both a 24/7 live channel and on-demand videos. The videos and livestream feature fun and relaxing music with video of moving objects or animals. The colors are tweaked to a dog's colorblind vision. 

A typical video might feature colorful footage of puppies playing. This is accompanied by music, the sound of a dog toy squeaking, and a child's voice that occasionally says “I love you.” It's a little bit like if the Baby Einstein videos were made for dogs.

DOGTV Review

The videos for dogs feature the following categories:

  • Relaxation– Calming scenes and soothing sounds to help your dog feel chill (perhaps, also, less likely to tear up the couch!).
  • Stimulation– These provide mental stimulation and prevent boredom for your dog. 
  • Exposure– Sights and sounds that help your dog get used to the world outside.
  • Sleep– Calming videos and dreamy music to help your dog settle down before bed. To be honest, this could work for humans, too.

There's shows designed for pet parents, too. These include The Dog Chef, where a cook helps dog owners make food and treats for their dogs. Then there's various videos centered around pet parenting and dog health.

New videos are released each week.

How Much Does DOGTV Cost?


A membership to DOGTV includes a 3-day free trial. Then it is either $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year. The annual subscription averages out to $4.99/month. 

Savings Alert!

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DOGTV Enrichment Box

DOGTV Review
  • If you are looking to pick up some fancy swag for your dog, you can also get a DOGTV Enrichment Box (currently 20% off). This includes a year subscription to DOGTV, a DOGTV blanket, a popcorn plush toy, a rubber bone toy, and smokey sweet duck sticks.


Devices the DOGTV app currently supports include:

  • iOS phones/tablets
  • Android phones/tablets
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • Samsung Smart TVs (Tizen TV)
  • Computers/laptops (through web browser)

Additionally, DOGTV is available as an add-on through The Roku Channel, Sling TV, and certain cable providers. 

Videos on DOGTV stream in HD and are available for offline downloads. You can also create a playlist of videos and stream from multiple devices simultaneously.

DOGTV Review: Is DOGTV Worth It?

Like a lot of people, I was skeptical about DOGTV. Was it just a gimmick? 

In researching more about the streaming service, though, I learned how seriously the folks behind DOGTV take everything. It’s truly a wellness product, made in partnership with leading dog experts.

DOGTV is trusted by veterinarian’s offices and dog shelters. Pictures on social media show dogs intently watching their pet parent’s screens. The DOGTV app even has a 4.2 (our of 5) rating on the Apple App Store. 

While I myself don’t currently have any pets due to my current living situation, I was able to hear the stories of pet owners that tried DOGTV with their doggo friends. One dog mom said, “ DOGTV has kept him occupied while mom works, and has zoom meetings! It’s a lifesaver!”

If you’re looking for something to keep your dog company while you’re busy or at work, DOGTV can be a tool to keep your dog stimulated and happy. I say that’s worth trying out!

Dog Parents Give It:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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