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Remember when the Discovery Channel used to only show science documentaries? Back before the reality show boom brought us the likes of Naked and Afraid? Or the History Channel gave us shows about past presidents and not “Swamp People?

CuriosityStream is a streaming service that helps to fill that void you might be missing. It truly takes you back to the glory days of science and history shows on television. You won't find any trashy reality shows here.

But how much does CuriosityStream cost? What shows are on CuriosityStream? Is CuriosityStream worth it?

In this CuriosityStream review, I will help answer those questions.

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Try out CuriosityStream here for just $3!

What's on CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream features a wide range of non-fiction TV shows and documentaries. Subjects covered include science, history, technology, travel, food, and kids programming. Some of the programs are original and others acquired through outlets like the BBC. There is both feature length and short form content.

Everything on CuriosityStream is curated by experts and factually based. Several of their original programs have been nominated for, or have won, major awards including Emmys, Webbys, and BAFTAs.

The streaming service was founded by John S. Hendricks, who also founded the Discovery Channel. You'll notice their shows very much feel like the original Discovery Channel's programs. CuriosityStream has only high-brow, educational content.

How much does CuriosityStream cost?

One of the biggest selling points for CuriosityStream is their low price point.

To watch content in high definition you'll pay just $2.99/month or you can pay a flat fee of $19.99 for the entire year.

To watch content in 4k resolution, that will be $9.99/month or $69.99 for the year.

Both pricing tiers feature the same programming. There is no contract or commitment and you can cancel at any time. It's worth noting that as of publication in May 2021, they do not currently offer a free trial. But at just three bucks, it costs very little to try it out.

Educational institutions, public libraries, and other entities can get bulk subscriptions, too.

CuriosityStream Review

What's the CuriosityStream App like?

The app itself features both on-demand and (at least on certain versions of the app) “live” programming. The live feed, displayed as “ON NOW,' is basically a curated stream of their on-demand content. This can be helpful if you're unsure of what to watch.

The app doesn't have profiles for individual family members, but you can enable a “Kids Mode” that will only show the kid-friendly content. From what I can tell, there are no limits on how many devices you can stream from at a time.

CuriosityStream is available on Android and Apple devices. It's also on Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and some smart TV apps from companies like LG, Samsung, and VIZIO.

They also offer offline viewing for up to 10 hours of content on both Android and Apple devices.

CuriosityStream Review Wrap-Up & Verdict

CuriosityStream is a streaming service that offers exactly what you pay for. You'll find a robust library of science, history, and other factually-based non-fiction programming. In the time since I first downloaded CuriosityStream, I've enjoyed shows as varied as a documentary on the history of pizza and a docuseries on “brain training.”

I was slightly afraid that I'd be getting something like a souped up science Youtube channel. Instead what I got a full-fledged streaming service that is an excellent choice for the curious among us- all at a very affordable price.

Shall I Stream It? If you're looking for quality science & history docs, go for it!

Best for: History buffs, science nerds, teachers, fans of museums

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