Every Streaming Service With a Free Trial

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Last updated: December 7, 2022

Even as streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have done away with free trials, others have not only kept them, but expanded them. Here we’ve compiled every major streaming service in the United States that offers a free trial to new customers.

Take note that if you are a returning customer, you might not be eligible for a trial. Each company has their own criteria. For example, Amazon Prime customers can get a free trial if they haven’t been active for 12 months.

Of course you can always try working around these restrictions by using a different email, username, or payment method- but you didn’t hear that from us! Wink wink…

Information is accurate as of the date specified. This page will be updated on a regular basis as new trials come and go.

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Name of Streaming ServiceFree Trial Offered?For How Long?Sign-Up LinkPrice After Trial
NetflixNo 🚫 N/ASign up$6.99/mo (Basic w/ads)
$9.99/mo (Basic)
$15.49/mo (Standard)
$19.99/mo (Premium)
HuluYes βœ… 30 DaysSign up$7.99/mo (w/ ads)
$14.99/mo (ad-free)
Prime VideoYes βœ… 30 DaysSign up$8.99/mo (video only)
$14.99/mo (w/ Prime)
HBO Max*No 🚫N/ASign up$9.99/mo (w/ ads)
$14.99/mo (ad-free)
Paramount+Yes βœ… 7 daysSign up$4.99/mo (Essential)
$9.99/mo (Premium)
PeacockOffers free planUnlimited w/ adsSign up$0 (Free Plan)
$4.99/mo (Premium)
$9.99/mo (Premium Plus)
Discovery+Yes βœ…7 DaysSign up$4.99/mo (w/ ads)
$6.99/mo (ad-free)
Apple TV+Yes βœ…7 DaysSign up$4.99/mo
Disney+No 🚫N/ASign up$7.99/mo (Basic) $10.99/mo (Premium)
ShowtimeYes βœ…30 daysSign up$10.99/mo
STARZNo 🚫N/ASign up$8.99/mo
BET+Yes βœ…7 daysSign up$9.99/mo
CuriosityStreamNo 🚫N/ASign up$2.99/mo (HD)
$9.99/mo. (4K)
AMC+Yes βœ…7 daysSign up$8.99/mo
ShudderYes βœ…7 daysSign up$5.99/mo
Acorn TVYes βœ…7 daysSign up$6.99/mo
BritBoxYes βœ…7 daysSign up$7.99/mo
ESPN+No 🚫N/ASign up$9.99/mo
YouTube TVYes βœ…14 daysSign up$64.99/mo
Hulu + Live TVNo 🚫N/ASign up$69.99/mo
(includes Disney+
& ESPN+)
fuboTVYes βœ…7 DaysSign up$69.99/mo
DIRECTV StreamYes βœ…5 daysSign up$69.99/mo
Sling TVNo 🚫N/ASign up$40/mo (Blue)
$40/mo (Orange)
$55/mo (Orange & Blue)
PhiloYes βœ…7 daysSign up$25/mo
Frndly TVYes βœ…7 daysSign up$6.99/mo (Basic)
$8.99/mo (Classic)
$10.99/mo (Premium)
VidgoNo 🚫N/ASign up$59.95/mo

*HBO Max offers a 7 day trial when included as an add-on to Hulu, YouTube TV, or Amazon Prime Channels. Watch our explainer video here.

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