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Netflix’s “Tudum” Review

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A global event that is exciting yet concerning. Here’s why…

Some genius or perhaps a room full of geniuses thought up the idea for this global event of upcoming television and films streaming on Netflix and according to Collider, the result was a whopping 63% increase in viewership of the event from 2021.  And I thought 2021’s Tudum was well attended.  It just goes to show you that in the global economy we all now inhabit more is, in fact, more.  

To put it in terms movie fans understand (cue deep, serious male voice), “In a world where money is king and people will do anything to distract themselves from their lives, comes a thing called Netflix.  Here lives the beasts of Stranger Things, Enola Holmes 2, and The Witcher.  Beware, or you will be consumed!”

Too Dramatic?

Okay, okay maybe I’m being a tad dramatic but I feel it’s warranted given the voracious appetites of audiences around the world.  I mean a 63% increase in viewership from last year! Was there no football on?

According to Collider, Netflix saw an increase in total viewership from 25.7 million last year to 41.8 million this year.  They attribute this increase at least in part to an expanded watch window of 48 hours, giving fans time to watch on their own schedules.

Bye, Bye Fairy Tale…

As the monarchies of the world fade into inconsequential status, film and television stars have taken their places.  Instead of palaces we have networks.  Instead of fairy tales we have interactive stories and alternate realities.

When it comes down to it, I’m not complaining.  After all, I watch these shows, too, and I also love the stars!  I’m just a little worried about something. Something that keeps nagging at me, a tapping at the back of my brain.  I think it’s the question, “Where is this all headed?”

I see grinning stars hauking their wares and it feels disingenuous at best and just plain uncomfortable at worst.  Who’s the director here?  What’s the plan?  Is this storyline going anywhere? 

I Love You, Jamie!

For a few of the stars like Jamie Dornan (my secret boyfriend) and Gal Gadot, I feared someone just might have a gun pointed at their backs.  And if Thor were any more excited about this event, I was going to have to ask the gods how bad it was up there anyway.  Did they run out of ambrosia?

The thing that’s so great about these shows and films is that they’re shows and films.  It’s the story and the characters as one.  Shows like Bridgerton, The School for Good and Evil, and Emily in Paris have garnered so much attention due to the talent of their casts and writers.  It feels like we’re overreaching to ask more of them, to ask them to tap dance too.

It was as if Netflix was saying, “I own you” to the actors.  And I fear they’ll be saying that to us soon, too.

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Melody Stewart
Melody Stewart
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